Joe Fanelli

Founder & Designated Broker

After just under 5 years in the Real Estate Industry, Joe Fanelli founded Actum Realty on August 15th, 2019. He was inspired to create Actum Realty in order to provide high end, inclusive, and personal fiduciary services for the greater King County area, with select service to adjacent counties.


Actum Realty specializes in maximizing returns through time-tested, classical strategies with an emphasis on adaptation. This comprehensive and analytical process prioritizes an objective attention to facts. The key ingredient to our success is anticipating the next step, with a strict adherence to a proactive philosophy.

John Schlanbusch

Founder of John S Realty 

John Schlanbusch & John S Realty are permanent business partners with Actum Realty. John personally hired & trained Joe Fanelli  in December of 2014 as he switched from the Antique Automobile Industry to Real Estate. 

John & Joe continue their Mentor & Protégé relationship as occasional Co-Brokers when they refer Clients to each other.



600 1st Ave Ste 101, Seattle, WA 98104

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